Cohort: Go from Undiscovered to Earning Massive Authority by Writing Your Book in Just 12 Weeks

A Simple System to Plan + Write + Publish + Market + Promote Your Non-Fiction Book.

What can you do with massive online authority?

Attract unlimited (and even unconventional) growth opportunities.

No matter what's your goal, you can reach it riding on online authority.

Being a published author gives you authority.

But over 90% of authors don't know how to gain authority and how to leverage it.

That's done with smart marketing.

In this cohort, you will work with Shiv Shenoy, 3 times Amazon bestselling author, one-on-one to plan, write, publish, market, and promote your book in 12 weeks.

All of his 9 years of work (with over $7,294 spent on experimenting to see what works) served as a simple system, with tools to write and market effortlessly.

He has the experience of self-publishing 21 books in 2 domains, with 18 of them on Amazon. 3 of them hitting the bestseller #1 position in all the categories they were listed in.

Did you know that publishing a book series increases your odds of hitting bestseller position exponentially?

Several of his series books have taken up the top 10 places, even the top 15!

But to gain massive authority, the secret is:


You need a book that solves a specific problem for a specific set of people.

Specificity has many advantages - it defines your niche, your audience, and your authority.

There is another ingredient you need:

Some smart marketing.

This 12-week cohort is divided into simple 12 steps.

Some of these can overlap, which means you can launch your book much earlier!

Join the cohort today,

work with Shiv,

launch your book,

earn massive authority in your field, and

leverage it to attract unlimited growth opportunities.

Your Instructor

Shiv Shenoy
Shiv Shenoy

Shiv Shenoy is a former Program Manager turned online entrepreneur. He started after quitting the corporate career of 15 years to build an online education company.

To build the business, he realized that writing a book is the right way to build authority quickly.

His first book on Amazon hit Amazon bestseller #1 position in the first week itself.

He has written and published 21 books, 18 of them on Amazon.

3 of these have hit bestseller #1 in all the categories they were listed in.

With constant experimentation, Shiv has formulated a simple system of writing and publishing the book on Amazon, while gaining MASSIVE online authority.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the cohort start and finish?
Shiv will reach out to you and let you know! You will have access to all the videos even after the cohort ends!
How long do I have access to the cohort?
You will work closely 1-1 with Shiv for 12 weeks. After it ends, you have unlimited access to this all the videos and other materials for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Use this to launch more books!

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